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Vol 5 No 1 (Total No 9)  
· Issue Introduction
The Journal of Asian Concrete Federation (ACF Journal) provides an international forum to disseminate and exchange most recent technical information of concrete materials and structures among engineers, researchers, and educators in Asia as well as around the world. ACF Journal is regularly published under the auspice of Asian Concrete Federation. The Editorial Board of ACF Journal consists of eminent scholars from ACF member countries as well as top-class scholars invited from all over the world.
· Technical papers
  Keywords :  Overlaying method, interface strength, chemical bonding, silica fume, surface penetrant, PCM
  Author(s) :  Hayato Shibao,  Mahmudul Hasan Mizan,  Tamon Ueda,  Katsuichi Miyaguchi,  Jun Takahashi
  Keywords :  Prestressed concrete, corrosion, ordinary Portland cement, permeability, carbonation, Portland pozzolana cement
  Author(s) :  V. V. Arora,  Brijesh Singh,  Vikas Patel
  Keywords :  Ultrasonic pulse velocity, rebound hammer, non destructive test, characteristic strength, partially destructive tests, core test, correlation expression, condition assessment
  Author(s) :  Saha Dauji,  Sandip Bhalerao,  P. K. Srivastava,  Kapilesh Bhargava
  Keywords :  Ultraviolet aging, concrete, carbonation resistance, polymer coatings, nano SiO2
  Author(s) :  Guo Li,  Hangyuan Cui,  Weijian Hu,  Jiacheng Zhou
  Keywords :  Mass moisture content, relative dynamic modulus of elasticity, critical degree of saturation, freeze thaw
  Author(s) :  Dequn Ma,  Osamu Senbu,  Ryoma Kitagaki
  Keywords :  Surface quality, cold weather concreting, initial curing, surface air permeability, deicing salt scaling
  Author(s) :  Meng Zhang,  Yuki Sakoi,  Minoru Aba,  Yoichi Tsukinaga