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Editorial Process


1. All submissions are forwarded to the managing editors. The receipt shall be sent to the author electronically or via mail within a week upon the receipt of submission.


2. Each manuscript is numbered for future reference. A copy of the manuscript is kept permanently.


3. The managing editor converses with an editor whose research field are closely related to the manuscript.


4. The editorial board member designated as a referee by the managing editor either reviews the assigned manuscript by himself or designates an alternative outside referee. The name of the referee should not be revealed in any instance.


5. The managing editor should send to each referee a package including (a) the cover letter with the manuscript number and the due date clearly specified, (b) the referee checklist, and (c) a copy of the manuscript. Referees should make efforts to complete a written report and send it back to the JED office within 1 month. The JED office should contact referees in case there is a delay and encourage a prompt response.


6. The manuscript with the outright reject recommendation or the tentatively reject recommendation from all referees is rejected automatically. On the other hand, the manuscript with the outright accept recommendation from all referees is accepted for publication automatically. The manuscript with outright accept recommendation from at least one of the referee and the tentatively accept recommendation from the others will be accepted once the author makes conscientious efforts to incorporate the referees' comments. For other cases, the manuscript should be revised according to the referees' report before being sent back to the same referees for a second view. If the revised manuscript fails to receive at least tentatively accept recommendations from all the referees at the second review, it will be rejected.


7. In order to solicit quality papers, the managing editor and associated editors can invite occasionally the papers from the established authors in the field. In this case, the final decision for publication can be made with a recommendation of a single referee from the editorial board.


8. When a submitted manuscript is returned to the author(s) for further revision, the author(s) should resubmit the revised manuscript within a year of receipt. JED office shall make efforts to receive second reports on a revised manuscript from anonymous referees within one month. JED office shall inform the author of the results within a week upon the receipt of second report.


9. Authors who strongly object to any editorial decision may file a written complaint to the managing editor, who will then consult with the editors to take any necessary actions including re-evaluation.


10. The managing editor should call for an editorial board meeting at least twice a year so as to report past editorial decisions and any pending issues related to the journal.