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Contact Us

KODISA(Korea Distribution Science Association)
President, Jung-Wan Lee (Boston University, USA); Myoung-Kil Youn (Eulji University, Korea).
Office: Hanshin Officetel Suite 1030. 2463-4, Shinheung-Dong Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-city, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA (461-720).
E-mail: kodisajournals@daum.net /Tel: Via overseas +82-70-8972-7292, Fax: Via overseas +82-31-740-7361

Senior Editor in Chief of JDS & JAFEB: Lee, Jung-Wan(Boston Univ., USA)
Editor in Chief of JDS : Hee-Joong Hwang(Korea Open National Univ., Korea): kodisa_jds@daum.net / Managing Editor: Youn, Myoung-Kil(Eulji Univ., Korea)/ Assistant Editor : Su, Shuai(Shandong Univ. of Political Science and Law, China) : kodisajournals@gmail.com
Senior Editor in Chief of EAJBM : Dong-Ho Kim(SUNY, Empire College, USA)/ Managing Editor: Young-Sang Cho (Kongju National University, Korea), kodisa_eajbm@daum.net
Senior Editor in Chief of IJIDB : Jong-Ho Lee(Kongju National Univ., Korea)/ Managing Editor : Shuai Su (Shandong University of Political Science and Law, China), kodisa_jidb@daum.net

The Journal of Distribution Science(JDS): http://jds.kodisa.org / Monthly: Korean & English /Print ISSN: 1738-3110 / Online ISSN 2093-7717
The International Journal of Industrial Distribution & Bussiness(IJIDB): http://www.jidb.org /3,6,9,12(Quarterly): Korean & English /Print ISSN: 2233-4165 / Online ISSN: 2233-5382
The East Asian Journal of Business Management(EAJBM) : http://www.eajbm.org / 1,4,7,10(Quarterly)/Print ISSN: 2234-3040 / Online ISSN: 2234-3059
The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics, and Business (JAFEB): http://www.jafeb.org /2,5,8,11(Quarterly)/Print ISSN:2288-4637 / Online ISSN 2288-4645
KODISA PROCEEDINGS : International Conference of the KODISA: http://www.kodisa.org/Proceeding / Summer & Winter(Semiannual)/ Print ISSN: 2287-478X