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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Biosystems Engineering (J Biosystems Eng, JBE), the official journal of the Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery (KSAM) founded in 1976, is an international, peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to advance and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge concerning biosystems engineering. The journal publishes 6 issues per year in English and follows an open access policy. It continues from where the Journal of Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery (ISSN: 1010-4542) left off, with successive volume numbers. JBE is indexed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI).

The scope of the journal covers the following topics: i) off-road machinery system engineering including agricultural farm power and machinery, agricultural safety and health, agricultural and biosystems management, soil and terra-mechanics, and forest machinery, ii) agri-environmental system engineering and energy including structure and facilities for living systems, indoor environmental control, livestock machinery, horticultural machinery, plant factory, and biomass/renewable energy, iii) agricultural process and food engineering including postharvest technology, food quality and safety, and food processing and packaging, iv) biological engineering including biomechanics, biosensors, bioMEMS/NEMS, and tissue engineering, v) information technology and electronics including information and precision agriculture, instrumentation and controls, and robotics for biosystems, and vi) other topics relevant to biosystems engineering.



Copyright © 2012 by the Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery


Articles published in JBE are open-access, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0), which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


KSAM retains the exclusive copyright to reproduce and distribute including reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, microform, electronic form (offline, online) or any other reproductions of similar nature for all KSAM publications. Through the Creative Commons license, KSAM allows others to reproduce and distribute the works it publishes, as long as the authors are properly attributed and the content in not plagiarized, misrepresented, or used for commercial purposes. Duplicate publications should not be represented as original publications; rather, JBE should be cited as the original site of publication. Apart from these misuses, anyone is free to read, download, copy, share, store, print, search, link, and crawl the full-test of the work.



KSAM will send JBE for free to KSAM members, certain key individuals in the field by invitation. For individual subscribers, the annual subscription fee for the print version of JBE is 40,000 Korean Won or 40 U.S. dollars. To subscribe to JBE, please contact the editorial office for detailed information.



Electronic Edition

A free full-text in PDF format is available at www.jbeng.org. No registration or subscription is required for access to the electronic edition of JBE.