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Article 1 (Selection of the Reviewer)

The Editor Committee shall select the reviewer among the experts of the relevant filed.


Article 2 (Request of the Review)

The Editor Committee shall request the review of the theses to the three of selected experts. Upon request the review of theses, the Editor Committee shall send the review fee decided by the Head of the Korean Society of Agricultural Machinery to the reviews with the 'thesis review opinion form'.


Article 3 (Contents and Results of the Review)

The reviewers shall prepare the written thesis review opinion after reviewing whether the writer observe the regulations with the methods, validity, logicality, and appropriateness of the contents and classify the reviewed theses into 4 categories as follows; 'publication without revise', 'publication after revise', 're-review after revise' and 'publication prohibited'.


Article 4 (Acceptance)

The accepted thesis shall mean the thesis that acquires the recommendations as 'publication without revise' or 'publication after revise' by at least two reviewers.


Article 5 (Disqualification)

In case where the thesis is classified as 're-review after revise' and 'publication prohibited', the thesis is disqualified and notify the writer of the review results with the written thesis review opinion.


Article 6 (Modification of the Thesis)

For the thesis passed the screening, the chief editor notifies the review results with the written thesis review opinion and the writer shall submit the written answer with the revised thesis within 6 months. In case where the writer fails to submit the revised thesis within 6 months, the thesis shall re-reviewed.


Article 7 (Confirmation of Modification)

The Editor Committee shall prepare a final review opinion by checking the opinion of the editors who is versed in the relevant field and decide whether to publish the thesis or not.


Article 8 (Publication of the Thesis)

The thesis which passes the screening and completed the modification shall be published on the journal. Provided, that the thesis which was presented on the seminar of the society shall be published on the journal preferentially.


Article 9 (Certificate of Expected Publication)

In case where the writer of the thesis of which publication is confirmed requests the issuance of the certificate of expected publication, the chief editor may issue the certificate of expected publication


Article 10 (Objection)

In case where any objection is raised against the thesis review results, the Editor Committee shall review the case and notifies the writer of the results.