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For more than three decades, the Korean Society of Design Science has acted as an intermediary between design researchers and the public, and because of this role our research journal has become a leader in interdisciplinary scholarship in design theory and history. As a forum for cutting-edge research known to academics, industry specialists as well as for practitioners, ADR continues to establish itself as a high impact journal ranking fifth out of 3,000 journals in circulation in Korea, which is further evidence of our sterling reputation.


Archives of Design Research is an interdisciplinary, bi-lingual Korean-English journal devoted to the publication of original research in the field of design studies. It seeks to broaden the historical, theoretical and practical parameters that are fundamental to the discipline in the Asia-Pacific region —- while acknowledging the transnational terrain of design across borders, cultures and linguistic domains for the twenty-first century. ADR offers a range of perspectives and is dedicated to analysis which serves a multitude of themes : accounts of innovation and design theory in a pan-Asia and the world; product design and industrial design; staging a debate between design and other disciplines like media and cultural studies; the interrogation of the physical environment and design practices; to explore the confluence between aesthetics and politics in design; and finally, the fragile alliance between technology and culture and the discursive implications it holds for visual communication. In addition to original, peer-reviewed articles, ADR publishes critiques of symposia and conferences, editor commissioned special issues on areas outside of the Asia- Pacific.