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Guidelines for Reviewers

Thank you for providing your expertise as an ADR reviewer, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of our double-blind review process. Both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the evaluation of manuscripts.


Writing the Review

The purpose of the reviewer report is to provide the editors with an expert opinion regarding the significance, quality, relevance, and clarity of the manuscript under consideration. The review should also supply authors with sufficient feedback on how to improve their papers so that they adhere to the publication standards set by ADR. If the reviewer believes that a paper is not suitable for publication, the reviewer report should provide brief but concise information that enables the author(s) to understand the reasons why a reviewer reached a certain decision regarding a submission.


Timely Review

ADR believes that an efficient editorial process that results in timely publication provides a valuable service both to authors and to the design community at large. ADR requests that reviewers respond promptly, usually within 10 days of receipt of a manuscript. If more time is needed, reviewers should contact the editor promptly so that we can keep the authors informed of any backlog.



Manuscripts are accepted in academic English. Either British or American consistency in spelling is required, but not a mixture of both. Authors fluent in another language (Korean) whose manuscript is accepted by the journal must provide a title and an abstract written in English.



English authors: please submit your manuscript by email (and attach the downloaded submission form when sending these documents as attachments).

Korean authors: please submit your manuscript through our online system (follow url to submissions portal).