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1. All contributions and editorial correspondence should be submitted to the



Asian Journal of Latin American Studies

Homepage: http://www.ajlas.org


Attn: Dr. Jin-Sook Choi

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Email: lasak@naver.com



2. Formatting of Manuscripts:

§ Length: Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words, including text,

tables, figures, title page, and references. Abstracts of 150 words are required for all manuscripts submitted. Each manuscript should have up to 6 keywords .


§ Style and Layout: Font size should be ‘Garamond’ throughout the work: text

10.5 pnt, footnotes 8.5 point.


§ The entire paper should be double-spaced; please do not submit

double-sided copies. All pages should be numbered sequentially.


§ Manuscripts should be ordered as follows: title page, text, abstract,

keywords, appendices, references, tables, figure captions, figure pages.


§ Titles, subtitles, and text subheadings should be chosen for succinctness and

interest. The title page should also contain the name, academic rank,

institutional affiliation, and contact information (address, telephone, fax,

e-mail) for all authors. In the case of multiple authors, the title page should

indicate which author will receive correspondence.


§ Submission Form: All submissions should include this manuscript

submission form, available in Word or PDF format. An abstract (200 words)

should be included with the submission form.


3. The electronic version of the manuscript should be submitted directly to the

managing editor. Please submit properly-formatted electronic manuscripts (a

single file containing all parts of the paper) in Microsoft Word.


4. References and Citations:

In text, quotations must correspond exactly with the original in wording,

spelling, and punctuation. Short quotations within the text should be noted by

quotation marks; longer quotations or extracts should be indented from the

left margin and require no quotations marks. Changes and additions to

quotations should be identified by bracketing; ellipses […] should be used to

identify omissions; emphasis added should also be indicated. Embedded

citations should be used, hence please do not use footnotes for simple

citations. All citations should be specified in the text in the following manner:


(a) If the author is named in the text, cite by year of publication:

… Drake (1966) has suggested …

(b) If the author is not named in the text, cite by last name, comma, and year

of publication:

… it has been noted (Fuentes 1979) that

(c) If necessary, pagination should follow the years of publication, separated by

a colon:

…it is argued (Lagos 1983, 22) that by

(d) Dual authors should be joined by and; multiple authors should be indicated


… Fromkin, M.(1986), The Limits of Recognition, Sanger Series on Law and

International Society, New Haven: Sanger Publishers.

Page proofs will be supplied to the first author of a paper, but only errors in the

type setting may be corrected at this stage. Any substantial alterations will be

charged to the author(s). Consequently, the author(s) should ensure that the paper

is submitted in final form. Proofs should be corrected and returned within

seven(7) days of receipt.


Manuscript Formatting Information