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Review process


1. Initial Review: Upon receipt of the manuscript, the managing editor or other

area specialist will make an initial assessment of the article and ensure that all

required information for the submission process has been included. If any

information is missing, the reviewer will contact the author.


2. Full Review: After the initial review is completed, an electronic version of the

manuscript will be sent out to three reviewers. The authors will receive the

reviewer’s comments and have an opportunity to make corrections and



3. Final Review and Publication: After authors revise and resubmit, the

manuscript will undergo a final review prior to publication. The time from

submission to final review and publication may be as little as two-three

months to as long as a year. Publication dates are June 1 and December 1.

Authors will receive ten off-prints and a copy of the journal in which the

article appears.


4. Rejection: This may occur during either the full review or after the final review

and publication. Authors will be notified as quickly as possible if their

manuscript is rejected so that they may seek publication elsewhere.