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Beginning 1 September 2015, The journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical Society (JCMS) receives papers only through the Electronic Editorial System via http://ccms.or.kr/submission, except for very special circumstances that the JCMS recognizes. This website explains the standard submission process in steps. The system will ask the author(s) to upload the PDF file of the paper. The LaTeX source-file(s) will be needed after the submitted paper has been accepted for publication in the JCMS. The TeX source-file should be prepared in a LaTeX format (all styles are acceptable). Other formats are accepted also; however the conversion process by the JCMS may result in 5 to 7 month delay in the printing process. The first page of the manuscript must include

(1) the title that is concise but descriptive and informative,

(2) the precise authorship (full names preferred),

(3) the abstract, not exceeding 300 words,

(4) 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification following the annual index of the Mathematical Reviews, and

(5) a list of key words and/or phrases. Affiliation, mailing address, and/or email address of each author should be included at the end of the manuscript.

The items in the reference section should be ordered according to the alphabetical order of the family names of the authors and numbered numerically as [1], [2],…. Figures and graphics, if included, should be prepared suitable for photographic reproduction. The JCMS prefers graphics produced electronically and compiled in the EPS format. The JCMS advises the author(s) to retain the LaTeX source-file and any other related files, until the publication process is completed. The JCMS may require the source-file(s) as soon as the submitted paper(s) are accepted for publication in the JCMS. The journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical Society (JCMS) require to list authors' surnames in alphabetical order. The use of alphabetical authorship is most common in mathematics. By the unique nature of mathematics, the Society does not consider the concept of the first author in mathematical papers, and the Society does not infer about the relative contribution made by the different authors of a publication.