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Aims and Scope

The CNU Journal of Agricultural Science (CNUJAS) is an journal for papers related to the publication of fundamental research and applied research on aspects of all areas of agricultural science.

The Journal publishes reports of basic research on Agricultural economics, Agricultural engineering, Animal science, Agronomy including plant science, theoretical production ecology, horticulture, plant breeding, plant fertilization, and soil science, Aquaculture, Biological engineering, including genetic engineering and microbiology, Environmental impacts of agriculture and forestry, Food science, Husbandry, Irrigation and water management, Land use, and Waste management.

Manuscripts for submission to CNUJAS should be prepared according to the following instructions. CNU Journal of Agricultural Science (CNUJAS) is published quarterly by the Institute of Agricultural Science in College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Chungnam National University.


Research and Publication Ethics

Authors must ensure that the works described in submitted manuscript have not been published (except in a form of abstract, lecture, or academic thesis) and are not being under consideration for publication elsewhere.

For the policies on research and publication ethics that are not stated in these instructions, the Guidelines on Good Publication Practice (Publication Ethics COPE Guidelines.pdf) should be applied.


Review Process

Manuscripts are considered to be confidential and are reviewed by the editors, members of the Editorial Board, or other qualified reviewers. Each manuscript receives at least two simultaneous reviews. When a manuscript is submitted online, it is given a manuscript number and assigned to one of the editors. Each reviewer makes a specific recommendation to the editor for the manuscript, based on the following aspects as applicable: importance of the research, originality of the work, appropriateness of the experimental design, soundness of conclusions and interpretations, relevance of discussion, and demonstration of reproducibility.

The corresponding author is notified an average of one month after submission of the editor’s decision to accept, reject, or require modification. When a manuscript is returned to the corresponding author for modification, it should be returned to the editor within two months; otherwise it may be considered withdrawn.



All rights reserved. The full term of copyright is assigned to the Institute of Agricultural Science for all articles submitted to CNU Journal of Agricultural Science. Once accepted, the manuscripts are not allowed to be reproduced in part or whole without the permission of the journal institute.

All articles published in this journal are protected by copyright, which covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article, as well as all translation rights. The use of general descriptive names, trade names, trademarks, etc., in this publication, even if not specifically identified, does not imply that these names are not protected by the relevant laws and regulations.


Manuscript preparation

The format for manuscript is as follows: tables and figures, 2.0 spaced in MS Word format with 10 point size and margins of 20 mm of left and right, 25 mm of top and 30 mm of bottom side. This Journal use both Korean and English. If wright Korean, Abstract, Acknowledgement(s), References, Fig. and Table of manuscripts should be written in standard scientific English. Number pages consecutively beginning with the title page. Begin each of the following on a separate page and arrange in the following order: Title page, Abstract and Key words (three to five words), text (Introduction, Materials and methods, Result and discussion), Acknowledgement(s), References, Figure and Tables. Types of manuscript were Review, Research article, and Research note.

The Journal requires the use of the metric system, preferentially SI units, and centered period between units (e.g. mg L-1). Latin words or phrases are in italics, with the exception of very common expressions such as ‘et al.’, ‘in vitro’, ‘in vivo’. All pages must be numbered consecutively from the title page, and include the acknowledgements, references, tables and figure legends. Non-native English authors are highly recommended to use a scientific English editing service to improve the manuscript prior to submission.


Manuscript submission

Authors must submit manuscripts through our website (http://agro.cnu.ac.kr/smain.html). Manuscripts should be submitted by the corresponding author or first author.


Manuscript type

All research articles should be organized with title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, acknowledgements, and references. The results and discussion sections may be divided.



The title should be a concise description of the contents of the paper. Capitalize the first letter of all title words except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. Serial titles indicating a series of related papers are not generally recommended. The title page should include the title, full name of each author and their institution with mailing address (es). If an author has since moved to a different institution, the new location can be indicated in a footnote. The corresponding author should be noted by an asterisk. For multiple affiliations, use respective superscript numbers to match authors and their affiliations.


The title page

Title page include the title, running title, authors’ names and affiliations, footnotes to the title and any author who is no longer in the institute where the work was performed, as well as the complete address for the corresponding author including telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. The title should be short, but clarity must be observed. Each manuscript should present the results of an independent and cohesive study; thus, numbered series titles are not permitted. The running title should not exceed 50 characters, including spaces.



The Abstract must be a summary for the whole paper from objectives to results and conclusions written in one paragraph. Abstract should be 150-200 words. The Abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references. After the Abstract list up to 5 key words, which have not been used in the title, in lower case and print in italic type.



The introduction should provide the necessary background information in the same field. Previous publications that form a basis for the work presented must be cited.


Materials and Methods

Materials and Methods should be sufficiently detailed that they could be followed by other researchers in the field. This section should be made as concise as possible by reference to procedures that have already been published, unless the method used here was greatly modified. Scientific names of species and cultivar names used must be included regardless of their appearance in Abstract or Introduction. Treatments, experimental design, and statistical method must be explained in detail. Commonly known methods or analyses may be briefly explained by citing relevant references.


Results and Discussion

The Results section contains the results of research given in detail, with tables and figures as needed. Results that can be expressed easily in the text should not be given in the form of tables or figures.

The Discussion section should not contain a repeat of the results, but should explain the meaning of the findings and the authors' conclusions, together with a discussion of any contradiction of already published reports.


Acknowledgement (s)

The Acknowledgement (s) section should be as brief as possible and English. Any grant that requires acknowledgement(s) should be mentioned. The names of funding organizations should be written in full. Acknowledgement(s) of help from colleagues and professional associates are appropriate, but avoid acknowledgement (s) of routine secretarial help or family members.



References made in the text should refer to them by the author's family name(s) and was to write a Roman script according to the Harvard system. For those publications written by three or more authors, the name of the senior author followed by et al. should be used. All literature cited should be listed in an alphabetical order, by the author’s family names. For the same author, or for the same set of authors, literature cited should be arranged chronologically. If there is more than one publication in the same year for the same author(s), the letter a, b, etc. should be added to the year. Do not use an issue number if the Journal uses consecutive numbers for each volume. Please note the following examples, and refer details to the literature citations in the current issue of the CNU Journal of Agricultural Science.