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Article Types

ACF Journal considers four categories of articles: research papers, review papers, short communications, and technical documents/reports issued by ACF Technical Committees. All articles should be original and contain significant research findings that are not only logically sound but also supported by scientific evidences.



The submission process requires uploading electronic file(s) online at www.acoms.jams.or.kr (ACOMS). All correspondences, including reviewers' comments, resubmission of revised electronic file(s), and notification of the Editor-in-Chief's final decision, are communicated with the corresponding author(s) via e-mail.

ACF Journal follows a double-blind reviewing procedure. Authors are requested to submit four separate electronic files as follows:

     1. Cover letter;

     2. A separate title page, containing title, all authors' names and affiliations, and contact information (i.e., email address and telephone number) of the corresponding author(s);

     3. A full manuscript including title, all authors' names and affiliations, abstract, keywords, body of main text, acknowledgement, and references;

     4. (optional) A list of at least three potential reviewers including names, academic degree(s), position, department, institution, email address, and reason. The referees must be independent and not from your own organization. Please note that the journal may not use your suggestions.

Manuscript Format

Article Length

There is no limit on the manuscript length for all types of articles, except that discussions on the published articles in ACF Journal should not be longer than 8 manuscript pages.

Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word is strongly recommended for preparing the manuscript. PDF is not an acceptable file format.



The text should be double-spaced and both-side justified in single column format, using Times New Roman font and 11-point font size.

     - The manuscript must be prepared using A4 typeset with 20-mm margin at all sides.
     - The manuscript should not contain any headers or footers except for page numbers.
     - Page numbers and consecutive line numbering are required for peer review process.
     - Use the International System of Units (SI units). Other units may be given in parenthesis as supplement.


Article Structure

The following is a prototype structure of a technical paper manuscript in the preferred order.

     - Title: 80 characters maximum, including spaces between words.
     - Author names and affiliations: List all authors’ names by the first name(s), (middle name(s)), and last name(s) without commas. Affiliations of the authors should include the institution and department names in full, and the city, state/province, postal code, and country. Also, clearly indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication.
     - Abstract: 200 words maximum on the first page of the manuscript
     - Keywords: Six keywords maximum
     - Body of main text: Divide the main text into numbered sections. Subsections should be numbered 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, etc.
     - Acknowledgements
     - References
     - Appendices


Reference Style

List all bibliographical references cited in the text at the end of the paper. Number the references in order of appearance in the main text in square brackets in line with the text (e.g., [1], [1,2,3]). Essential information should be cautiously provided using the following reference style:


     Reference to a journal publication

     1. Shin, M.; Kim, K.; Gwon, S.; and Cha, S. (2014) “Durability of sustainable sulfur concrete with fly ash and recycled aggregate against chemical and weathering environments,” Construction and Building Materials, 69, pp. 167~176.

     Reference to a conference proceeding

     2. Shin, M.; Gwon, S.; Lee, K.; and Han, S. (2013) “Improved earthquake-resistant design methods of shallow coupling beams,” Proceedings of the 2013 World Congress on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Jeju, Korea.

     Reference to a book

     3. Paulay, T. and Priestley, M.J.N. (1992) Seismic design of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, USA.


Figures and Tables

All figures and tables need consecutive numbering, following their order of appearance (e.g., Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Table 1, etc.), along with self-explanatory brief captions. Figures should be submitted at a high resolution. To create tables, authors should use the Table option of Microsoft Word. All figures and tables can be inserted into the main body of the text.


Mathematical Formulae

Please make mathematical equations as editable format. Number consecutively and place each of them in the text on a separate line(s). Only simple relevant equations should be provided in the body of the main text: any derivation of an equation(s) should essentially appear in the appendix.


Review Process

Peer Review

All articles submitted to ACF Journal will undergo a peer-review process by at least two international experts on the specific subject of each submitted article for technical evaluation.


Manuscripts may be accepted for publication without change. If revisions are required, the manuscript will be sent back to the author(s) with reviewers' comments. In this case, an item-by-item detailed response to reviewers' criticisms should be provided upon resubmission. Based on the recommendations of reviewers and revision with justification of the criticisms, final decision for publication or rejection will be made by the Editor-in-Chief.


Copyright Transfer Agreement

Completion of a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement will be required upon acceptance of the manuscript. No article can be published unless a signed publication agreement is provided, which serves as the transfer of copyright from author to publisher. ACF Journal does not advocate open access policies for copyrighted articles. It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission to reproduce materials that have appeared in other publications.


Publication Policy

The Journal of Asian Concrete Federation (ACF Journal) is published biannually on June 30 and December 31.