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1. Term of the editor

The editors term in office is 2 years.


2. Submission

Only the manuscript conforming to Seoul Journal of Business (henceforth SJB) authors guidelines shall be considered for review.

Authors can submit a manuscript at any time.

The editor sends the certificate of submission to authors by email.


3. Selection of Reviewers

The editor may reject a submitted manuscript by discretion without having it reviewed when it is deemed that the manuscript does not conform to SJBs submission guidelines or is unsuitable for SJB in terms of the academic scope of the journal (desk reject). The editor selects three reviewers who have relevant academic qualifications, considering the academic field of submitted manuscript. The editor may request the recommendation of reviewers to the members of relevant department in editorial board without revealing any information on the authors of a manuscript.

The editor sends official review request to the selected reviewers by email.

The editor should not reveal any information on the authors to the reviewers.


4. Submission of Review Report and Notification of Review Result

Reviewers are expected to submit Review Report written in English to the editor by email within 15 days. If a reviewer prefers to write Review Report in Korean, the editor may permit the reviewer to do so only when at least one of the co-authors of the manuscript is deemed to comprehend written Korean without any difficulties. If a reviewer does not submit Review Report within 15 days, the editor extends the deadline by 7 days, urging the reviewer to finish the review by the extended deadline. If a reviewer does not notify the intent of review during the extended 7 days, the editor may cancel the request of review and appoint a new reviewer. In case a reviewer asks for additional extension, the editor may extend the deadline further with her/his own discretion.

The editor makes decision after collecting the review reports from the reviewers. The following are the four possible decisions that could be rendered as a result of the review process: Acceptance, Conditional Acceptance, Revision and Rejection. The editor notifies the Review Result to authors promptly by email or in writing.

For revision, the authors are expected to revise the manuscript based on the revision request or to provide detailed explanation on why it is better not to follow the request. In addition to the revised manuscript, the authors should also submit a separate note of revision that explains how the concerns of reviewers are addressed in their revision.

If the authors requested to revise their manuscript do not notify the intent of revision within 6 months without special reasons, they are assumed to give up the revision of their manuscript.

For the conditionally accepted manuscript, the editor will review the revision and make decision. For the manuscript whose review result was Revision in the previous round, the revised manuscript is reviewed by the same reviewers or by a new team of reviewers and the authors are notified as in the same procedure as in clause 3-.

When the review result of the revised manuscript requires additional revision, the manuscript goes through the same process as in clauses 3-, 3-and 3-again.

If an accepted or published manuscript turns out to have been published in other journals with the same or similar contents, the editor, based on the editorial board decision, may cancel the acceptance of the manuscript or cancel the publication of it. And the authors of the manuscript are not allowed to submit to SJB for three years.

Copyright of paper published in SJB belongs to the Institute of Management Research at Seoul National University. Authors ought to submit copyright transfer agreement before their manuscripts are published.